Best Sunglasses for Older Women

Oct 14, 2013 Olympic Eyewear


Far from being forced to wear unsightly bifocals or librarian-style chains around their necks, today's older women exude sophistication, charm and most importantly, classy style!

If older women choose the right style of sunglasses frames, it can literally shave years off their appearances, giving them fresh, edgy looks that are anything but grandma-style dated.

So for women over 40 years old, play close attention, as this article is designed to breathe a fresh, stylish air into your aging wardrobe, bringing you back to the brink of your 30's!

When selecting sunglasses, always consider three important aspects:

  1. Face Shape
  2. Hair Color
  3. Personality

Black Frames – Universally flattering, these styles look best when worn with minimal jewelry and accessories, allowing the dominant black style to really shine.

Shopping – Women should never be afraid to try on as many sunglasses as needed. Consider bringing a friend along for a much-needed second opinion.

Clear Frames – The latest style to have Hollywood abuzz, clear frames are extremely modern, yet versatile because they pair well with nearly any outfit.

Coloring – As women age, it's important that they select sunglasses that compliment their coloring. If they are pale, it's easy to have dark sunglasses that will make them appear washed out, while light colors may also give a washed out look as well.

Modern Styles – Modern frames can actually present a more youthful appearance, giving women an edgy vibe that oozes young sophistication.

Oversized Frames – Oversized frame are all the rage, it's just important that they hit at the brow line or lower so they don't engulf the face.

Tortoiseshell – Flattering on everyone, except for those with gray hair, tortoiseshell sunglasses pick up flattering, colorful flecks of hair colors, such as blonde, brown, gold or brunette tones.

Warm Tones – A general rule of thumb is that warm tones are more youthful. This includes reds, burgundies and browns.

Cooler Tones – Avoiding cool colors is key, as these add years to skin tones. Cooler tones include blue, gray or steel colors.

Simplicity – Dominating any look, simplicity is often understated. Sunglasses are considered accessories so older women should avoid piling on necklaces, scarves, jewelry and hats.

Breaking Rules – Don't be afraid to break rules. Teal glasses pair well on redheads and even though blue frames are typically aging, this is one rule that is meant to be broken.

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