The Benefits of Buying Bulk Sunglasses Cheap

Oct 31, 2014 Olympic Eyewear


Buying bulk sunglasses cheap is a great way for modern-day retailers to boost sales, profitability and gain more market exposure.

Founded in 2006, Olympic Eyewear has been specializing in providing wholesale sunglasses for many years. Establishing themselves as a leader within the designer wholesale sunglasses industry, they offer a wide variety of name brand merchandise that is sure to impress both retailers and customers.

Olympic Eyewear offers name brand bulk sunglasses cheap. In fact, they also provide customers with photographs of sunglasses, making it easy to re-sell them online. These complimentary resources are significant marketing tools for online resellers.

Olympic Eyewear has conducted detailed research to effectively discover optimal ways to sell sunglasses. They discovered that selling same model bulk sunglasses cheap in several different colors helped customers make easier decisions. In fact, they also offer assorted models in similar colors, which gives customers even more choices when purchasing sunglasses.

They offer their bulk sunglasses cheap in assorted one dozen models, a single color dozen models and in assorted models by the dozen. This allows retailers to rest assured that they are receiving a wide assortment and mix of sunglasses, which help appeal to today's finicky consumers.

As bulk sunglasses are pre-packaged, it is not possible to mix and match certain models or colors by the dozen. Olympic Eyewear encourages retailers to use their convenient, advanced search options to find specific styles, brands, sizes and styles to best meet their consumers' needs.

Ordering and shipping are easy. Olympic Eyewear processes all orders on a secure website. They never misuse, share or sell any information, which gives retailers greater peace of mind when placing orders. Any orders over $500 are eligible for discounts, which helps provide retailers that order significant quantities of bulk sunglasses cheap with additional money-saving incentives.

The benefits of buying bulk sunglasses cheap include the substantial cost savings that passes directly to the retailer. Retailers can then increase the prices, charging consumers from $10 to $15 per pair for sunglasses. Average this with paying less than $2.50 to $3.00 per pair and retailers can immediately see the potential for revenue increasing profits.

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