Aviators: A Classic Style that Still Flies to the Top of the Charts

Jun 20, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


Since Bausch and Lomb created the first line of Aviators in the 1930s and branded the product as Ray-Ban, these classic sunglasses are still in style and remain a top choice in contemporary fashion circles. Over the years, new and creative designs have served to keep Aviators trendy, adaptable, and fashionable. Olympic Eyewear offers the style-conscious retail consumer a wide variety of Aviators to choose from with brands from VG Sunglasses and Air Force Sunglasses to X-Loop Sunglasses and Biohazard Sunglasses.

Original Aviators were actually made for pilots and were designed to protect pilots' eyes during flight. General Douglas MacArthur, noted for his service during World War II, were of the first to don the new specs, which were not too long after released and sold to the public. In addition to finding favor with members of the military, Aviators rose in popularity after certain celebrities were seen sporting them. Ray-Ban Aviator sales rose by 40%, for example, in the several months after the release of "Top Gun," in which actors Tom Cruise, Anthony Edwards, and Val Kilmer wore them. Another film in which Aviators were spotlighted was "Cobra,” starring Sylvester Stallone.

Stylish for both men and women, Aviator glasses were designed with a unique shape that tends to look good on any face shape. Many sunglasses manufacturers began producing these versatile shades and today almost every reputable sunglasses producer makes several models of Aviators.

According to fashion trends of 2012, Aviators are again taking flight in sunglasses fashion along with Wayfarer sunglasses and others. Olympic Eyewear offers stylish Aviator sunglasses at wholesale prices. The options are endless. From the classic style with metal frames and different lens tints to an assortment of urban-lifestyle frame designs and tints, the options are diverse enough to suit your customers' various tastes. If history repeats itself, and they say that it does, Aviators are going to be around for a long time.

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