Attention Sunglass Business Owners

Apr 13, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


Olympic Eyewear was founded with the idea of changing the way people bought wholesale sunglasses. They strive to create an exceptional experience for their clients by going above and beyond the "requirements" of a business. They expect to provide you with an experience that, in return, is deserving of your business for years to come.


  • Olympic Eyewear has made several changes to the way most companies sell bulk sunglasses starting with their purchasing options. You're not forced to buy some random assortment of sunglasses. They have prepackaged options for you to search on their website and you can find the right packages to serve your business needs. You can purchase a dozen of the same model of sunglasses in one color or get a variety colors for that model.
  • Many different brands and styles are available such as DG, Wayfarer, X-Loop, VG, Locs, Chopper, and Biohazard. These are sure to catch people's eye and draw them to your business.

Quality: Many times when we hear the word "cheap" we think of something that is poorly constructed or of bad quality but you'll see for yourself that these cheap sunglasses are inexpensive but they're anything but "cheap". As a business owner it's important to have a product that you personally believe in so Olympic Eyewear works hard to keep prices as low as possible while offering a product that you are proud to have for sale at your business.

Prices: You will be able to find exactly what you want for only a couple dollars per pair of sunglasses.  This is a very easy way for your company to gain a profit because you can get 1000% return for your purchase and it will also make it easier for you to provide a wide variety of styles since they are inexpensive for your business.

Ordering: It is a very simple process because Olympic Eyewear makes it so. Finding the right product is easy, all major credit cards are accepted, the site is secure and worry-free, shipping is inexpensive and quick as well. Most orders are shipped the same day they are placed and will ship to you in a few business days. You can buy as few as one dozen pairs or a whole lot more than that but buying wholesale sunglasses by the dozen makes it very simple for you as a business owner to keep product on your shelves.

Reliability: Olympic Eyewear is confident that their sunglasses, accessories and other products will exceed your expectations and that your customers will be pleased with what they buy as well.

I am confident that your experience with Olympic Eyewear will be one that will make your life as a business owner a little easier and that it will be deserving of your continued business.

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