Advantages of Purchasing Wholesale Sunglasses Accessories

Apr 17, 2012 Olympic Eyewear


Why should retailers consider purchasing wholesale sunglasses accessories to compliment their vast new inventory of sun-yielding shades? The answer is simple. Because anyone who purchases a stellar new set of shades wants a fashionable case to safely store his/her newfound purchase.

Retailers have two viable options that will help draw the public in — they can offer a sunglasses and accessory case combination package or they can sell them separately. Either way, customers feel as though they are getting an accessory that will safely store their fashionable sunglasses, protect them from damage, and keep them squeaky clean — AKA sans smudges.

Whether offering nylon cases, which are convenient and non-flashy for men's sunglasses, protective X-Loop Sunglasses cases for outdoor-minded enthusiasts, stylish animal print sunglasses for the fashionista divas, trendy DG sunglasses cases, sun visor clips and even colorful case accessories for the absentminded at heart, Olympic Eyewear strives to provide a wide range of sunglasses accessories.

With their discount volume pricing, high-end, quality designer sunglasses cases can be purchased for as low as $20/dozen. For approximately $1.67 each case, retailers can easily make their money back and add a little cushioned profit to the total retail purchase price. Not only will consumers be happy with their purchases, but also retailers will be much happier seeing bold black numerals in their pocketbooks.

A consumer that has just purchased a brand new pair of sunglasses suddenly hears the telltale earsplitting crack of plastic, sinking into his/her seat while simultaneously cringing. Typically, this is the result of someone jumping in the backseat or passenger side, sitting on the brightly polished sunglasses that were once deemed this season's latest fashion trend. While it is difficult to safely stow sunglasses in a purse or backpack without retrieving them with deep scratches and scuffs, a hard sunglasses accessory case can prevent these types of damages from occurring.

No one only purchases a singular pair of sunglasses his/her entire life, but rather since they are a fashion-forward statement, he/she will purchase several different pairs of sunglasses. This is important for retailers to keep in mind, as they want return purchases to be made directly through them. Retailers want consumers to have a good buying experience so they not only tell their friends and family where they purchased their latest fashion accessory, but also if an accident should happen, repeat business is a retailer's bread and butter — the sweet, ever so sumptuous cha-ching of return business.

Some hard cases are designed to prevent damage incurred from pets and children, while soft cases are designed to fit into small spaces and reduce scratches. Whatever someone's reason for purchasing a sunglasses case, this designer accessory is a consumer's icing on the cake — the decoration that will adorn and announce their newest fashionable purchase.

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