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  • Stock your Store with Kids Wholesale Sunglasses

    Sunglasses are such a trend in adult fashion that it can be hard to remember that they are actually recommended by eye doctors for protecting your eyes against sun damage. By the same token, it can be simple to forget that children need this same protection that adults do. Having a stock of sunglasses for kids in your store will attract attention because while many retail stores tend to feature sunglasses for the convenience of adults, they often do not cater to children. Whether the store is a

  • Get Ready for Summer Trends; Basic Shades to Keep in Stock

    Be sure to have all the sunglasses stocks you need for this summer! Sunglasses never go out of style and this season they continue to be a hot trend. Your customers will come in with different tastes and styles, so be sure your bulk sunglasses reflect a variety. Also look out for any of Olympic Eyewear’s monthly discounts. Sports Sunglasses – Your more active customers will be reaching for these types of sunglasses. They want shades to keep their eyes protected from the glare of the sun so t

  • Differences between .75mm Polarized Lenses and 1.1mm Polarized Lenses

    On a first guess, you would probably think that the difference between .75mm and 1.1mm polarized lenses is a difference in polarization – that is, how much the lenses protect your eyes from glare. But the different types of polarized lenses actually provide the same layer of polarized protection. They filter the same quantity of light, one does not offer greater or less polarized protection than the other. So then what’s the difference? The “mm” is actually a measurement of thickness –

  • Sunglasses Marketing Strategies

    Olympic Eyewear, a wholesale sunglasses specialist, offers helpful advice and tips to retailers selling sunglasses. They understand that profits are the bottom line and to help boost these revenues, they recommend: Rotation – Rotating stock regularly is important. Retailers should focus on new product launches or sunglasses that require a dominant display, keeping gender and age groups separated and neatly organized. Organization should include subtypes by style, as this is proven to help g

  • Retailers: Organizing Sunglasses

    First impressions are everything when selling accessories, including sunglasses. Many retailers find that organization is key when making a profit. A well-organized display can easily outsell one that is unorganized, as it is proven that consumers are more likely to purchase from a store that highlights organization and cleanliness. Instead of simply purchasing a display unit, retailers need to have an understanding of countertop spinning displays and permanent backlit units. Sunglasses displa

  • Buying Bulk Sunglasses

    Many businesses are looking to buy bulk sunglasses in preparation for the spring and summer months. The benefits of buying bulk sunglasses are numerous, which includes substantial price discounts. Many businesses also eliminate recurring expenses by purchasing bulk sunglasses, paying less and selling them for more, which ultimately increases business profits. When purchasing sunglasses in bulk quantities, businesses should consider the following recommendations: What Is Included – While man

  • Forgotten Accessories: Trend Alert

    Whether someone lives in a tropical climate or a frigid area with abundant snow, sunglasses play an important role in protecting the eyes and making all-important fashion statements. Often a forgotten accessory, sunglasses allow people to look hip and stylish while portraying the ultimate in relaxed demeanor. The latest sunglasses accessory trends include: Shapes – The latest shapes include octagon frames and lenses. These lend unique angles for facial features. Some of the latest designs com

  • Sunglasses: A Hot Statement

    Spring helps set the fashion trends for the entire summer. This season is no exception, with spring trends helping pave the path for upcoming bold summer styles. As a favorite and timeless fashion accessory, popular sunglass styles include oversized designs, bright colors and fun shapes. No matter what someone’s face shape, there is a style to compliment all types of features. Helping make classy statements, sunglasses are the absolute must have accessory for men, women and children. Popular t