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  • The Best Materials For Your Extreme Sports Glasses

    Choosing the right material for the lenses and frames for your extreme sport glasses can mean the difference between a game well played and a game lost. Here are the pros and cons of some basic materials so you can easily choose what's right for you and your extreme sport.

  • The Ultimate Guide for Getting the Most from Your Extreme Sports Glasses

    The better your equipment, the better the experience, and that goes just as much for your sports glasses as for anything else. Having the right pair of sunglasses can make a huge difference in how you perform—from effectively cutting the sun’s glare off light surfaces such as water to staying put on your face. Let’s look at some of the elements that you should consider when shopping for the right pair of active sunglasses or sports goggles for your needs. LENSES ANTI FOG-LENSES High-ene

  • What’s My Face Shape? Part 2 of 2

    Olympic Eyewear shares helpful tips for determining the right types of bulk sunglasses to compliment face shapes. Choose wholesale sunglasses that complement the shape of your face. In general, frames add the most visual interest and look the least cartoonish when they are a contrast from your natural features, which means that most rounded faces look best with more angled glasses, while more angled faces look best with more rounded glasses. Soft, round faces look best with designer wholesale

  • Golf Sunglasses: The Definitive Guide

    Summary: Golf sunglasses can definitely make a difference in a golfer's life, and knowing how to help a customer select the right pair is an advantage. Sunglasses must protect a golfer's eyes from the damage caused by the sun's ultraviolet rays, but they can also help your customer see better on the fairway and find the nuances on the green. THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO GOLF SUNGLASSES Rory McIlroy hits the fairways wearing Oakley High Definition (HD) sunglasses, with their sharp progressive lenses

  • What’s My Face Shape? Part 1 of 2

    Olympic Eyewear shares helpful tips for determining facial shapes for purchasing bulk sunglasses. Stand in front of a mirror. Any large, stationary mirror will do. You should be able to easily reach it from a standing position in front of it – you'll need to be able to draw on it without having to lean forward. Stand looking directly forward into the mirror, with your back straight, your head high, and your shoulders back. If you have bangs, pull them out of the way. Make sure the lighting i

  • Help your customer find the best beach sunglasses

    Summary: Summer is coming, and its prime time for vacations - and beach sunglasses. Maybe your customer is a surfer, and needs shades that can take constant action. Maybe that customer is a parent trying understand UVA ratings because the family is headed to the beach. Or maybe that customer is a college kid who just wants to look cool while flirting with lifeguards at the ocean. Do you have the answers for all of them? Customers want sunglasses that look terrific, but they find problems - t

  • Running Sunglasses: A Guide to Your Next Jog

    Summary: When you are buying running sunglasses wholesale to resell to your customers are you in touch with the latest trends, colors and needs of your potential customers? Do you know what your customers really want in running sunglasses they buy from you? Do you know not only the style but the health reasons they should buy running sunglasses from you?  A good wholesale sunglasses company can help you keep up with what your customers truly want and need. WHAT RUNNERS WANT IN RUNNING SUNGL

  • Sunglasses that Match Personality Types

    Wholesale sunglasses do more than just convey an image; they are the windows to personality, conveying the truth behind the mystery. Young and Carefree – Wayfarer sunglasses convey a magical youth. Popularized by musicians and celebrities, these are ideal for hipsters that just want to kick back in jeans and t-shirts and spend time having fun. A must: a nonchalant attitude towards life. Rock Star Wannabes – Calling all rockstars: Do you wear leather pants, vests, jackets and bling? A dark,

  • Choosing Sunglasses to Fit Personality and Lifestyle

    Bulk sunglasses are often worn to relieve eyestrain, protect eyes from UV rays and reflect personality. This article offers tips on wearing wholesale sunglasses that fit lifestyles, while also adding a celebrity-looking vibe to outfits. Classic Whole Sale Sunglasses – Tom Cruise brought back aviator sunglasses with the hit 80s movie, “Top Gun.” Aviator sunglasses provide a cool, chic look that hides the eyes and eludes danger. “The Matrix” is responsible for making Morpheus’ sunglas

  • Essential Tips for Choosing Sunglasses

    Choosing sunglasses can be overwhelming. There are so many brands, shapes, styles and colors. This guide offers helpful advice when selecting designer wholesale sunglasses, especially considering these are the focal point of the face. Face Shape – Bulk sunglasses should balance facial shapes. The optimal facial shape is oval, so experts recommend choosing sunglasses that create a balanced, oval look. Triangular and pear facial shapes should select frames that are as wide as their jaw lines to